Design aesthetic: The film segments of Arcadium will be shot in a variety of locations but primarily indoors. The shots will give off an epic feel with elements of humor.  While each game is inspired by games created in the 80s and early 90s, Each game will be an original creation. Each game will have its own gameplay style and artistic design.  Mark Tesla’s story will be told from a webcam, with slides and clips inserted for effect.

Branding and Design: For the logo itself:


another brand that will be used will be a coin icon, which will later revealed to be Mr. Pixel’s insignia. This token icon will be seen at least once in every website, poster, and app.

coincoin 2

Something else that will be seen throughout most of the mediums is the phrase “Who is Mr. Pixel?” and “Mr. Pixel is watching you,” usually written in broken pixels or graffiti like letters giving the player the feeling that the message wasn’t there originally.


A rough wireframe for Arcadium’s main site

arcadium web page

Style Guide: The designs of the websites will have a pixelated look to them. Some websites depending what site it is will have glitched or broken pixels strewn throughout the page.

Music: The music of the film portions of Arcadium will feature primarily chip-tune music, giving the whole experience that pixelated feel.

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