Each game will be inspired by an old genre from the 16-bit and arcade generations:

Game 1: Fruit Feast

  • Fruit Feast is a game inspired by falling puzzle games like Tetris, Bubble Bobble, and Kirby’s avalanche.
  • You choose a Monkey and you compete against another monkey to eat the most fruit.
  • You both hold plate above you while the food falls down, match four fruits of a kind to clear them
  • you get too much stacked fruit and the plate starts to get heavier, if the fruit hits the top of the screen you get crushed!

fruit frenzy big


Game 2: Beat em’ up

  • This game will be inspried by the classic Beat em’ up genre. Games like River City Ransom, Turtles in Time, and Battletoads
  • Go through three areas filled with different bad guys, beat up the bosses, and save the day!
  • Be able to pick up food and weapons on the floor

Game 3: Mornway Manor

  • Mornway Manor is a game inspired by games like Dragon’s Lair and the quick time games on Sega CD
  • Its an animated game where you must have quick reaction time in order to escape all the deadly traps and terrifing monsters that get in your path
  • You play Harry Higgles, a bumbling exterminator assigned the manor to kill one of the biggest bugs you’ve ever seen.

Game 4: Text-Based Adventure

  • This game will be based off the original text-based senarios where you must nagigate an imaginary world solely though text
  • You must use your imagination and creativity to complete the game!

Game 5:  Adventures of Funkulese

  • Adventures of Funkulese is a point and click adventure in the spirit of games like Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. 
  • Funkulese is a funky superhero who seems to have lost his hair gel
  • Help Funkulese though hilarious puzzles and traps to get his jelly jam

Game 6: Turn-Based RPG

  • This game will be inspired by the old role-playing games where you and the enemy take turns attacking eachother. 
  • The game will have a relativly deep plot
  • The player must use tactics and timing to beat this game!

Game 7:  Captain Red Beard vs. Ninja Island

  • This game is inspired by side-scrolling shooters like Section Z and R Type
  • Captain Red Beard got stranded on an Island full of deadly ninjas!
  • Shoot hoards of ninjas and escape the island!
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