Goal: Our goals are to tell an immersive user interactive story, Increase the audience’s awareness to that story, and to see how successful a medium that focuses on the film and game aspects of a story equally could be.

Success: The success of this project would be achieved when we complete all seven episodes and to have an audience to watch/play it.  Indicators of this would be those who scanned the qr codes of the posters, those who signed up to the email list, and who downloaded the episodes themselves.

Target Audience: Our target audience is males ages 16 to 28 who play video games. This demographic would also have an affinity to older and online games.   This demographic would hang around game stores, comic book shops, arcades, as well as high school and college campuses. We will attract this demographic with physical posters and pictures linking to several of Arcadium’s websites around those areas of interest  We will also attract them online through facebook and tumblr with posts pertaining to Arcadium.

If the project starts out well enough, I will start a kickstarter to fund this campaign and see if audiences are interested.  

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