Tagline: Help Rick escape death through a tale of pixelated proportions

Synopsis:  Arcadium is a seven-episode web-series where the player watches the story of Rick Pliskin and then plays the games he’s transported into. Both film and game aspects will be able to be downloaded DRM free from Arcadium’s main website and will be available on PC and Mac

Back storyArcadium takes place in current day Atlanta, and the story before the main narrative is about a video game blogger by the name of Mark Tesla.  Mark Tesla starts to connect the disappearances of professional gamers all over the world in the past decade to a mysterious character by the name of Mr. Pixel. Mr. Pixel has been spotted in the area or in the corners of many pictures of professional gamers shortly before disappearing..

Main Story: The story starts with a teenager by the name of Rick Pliskin. Rick is a self proclaimed “professional gamer,” and all Rick does is play a military shooter called “Call of Honor.” Rick is very good at this game and while he is not the best, he acts like he is. Rick also believes that everything that is old is obsolete, and claims that he “lives in the now.”  Dispite this, Rick leads a very secluded life and is unable to effectively handle social situations.  One day Rick’s friend Mark Tesla asks for his help to find a Mysterious figure named Mr. Pixel, and Rick begrudgingly agrees.  While helping Mark on his search, Rick unknowingly runs into Mr. Pixel outside an abandoned arcade.  After a conversation about old arcade games and how Rick is a professional gamer, Mr. Pixel strikes up a deal with Rick. He claims that if Rick can complete some of Mr. Pixel’s “exercises” Rick can become THE best gamer on Call of Honor. Rick agrees and signs a terms and conditions form that he doesn’t bother to read and is transported into a 16-bit video game.  As Rick completes the game he receives a portion of a token and is transported into the real world once again.  Mr. Pixel informs him that if he completes six more games he’ll become the best at Call of Honor and that at midnight each night he will be transported into the next game.  As Rick completes the games he realizes that if you die in the game you die in real life and with the help of a hacker named Sandi Jones, attempts to find a way out of the games during the day.


  • Rick Pliskin: Rick Pliskin is a high school senior who has lived in the suburbs all his life. Both his parents work and are relatively wealthy and are very rarely seen. There were no kids his age in Rick’s neighborhood and all Rick did was watch TV as a child.   Rick was introduced to video games several years ago when his parents got him a GameStation 2 with a military shooter.  Rick soon became skilled at the game and eventually military shooters in general. Rick is arrogant and has a short temper, and gets upset when people prove that they’re better than him. He is more comfortable by himself and is uncomfortable in social situations. Claims he “Lives in the now.”
  • Mr. Pixel: ???
  • Sandi Jones: Sandi also a high school senior but lives in the inner city of Atlanta.  Sandi was raised by her dad who was a IT technician/Hacker and taught Sandi everything she knew. He also told her to always keep an open mind to see what life has to offer. Her father died from a disease  a couple years ago and now lives with her aunt and uncle. When she’s not on the internet she out going to clubs and venues to listen to local artists. Shes gets easily distracted, and is blunt when it comes to conversations with other people.
  • Mark Tesla: Mark Tesla is Rick Pliskin’s only physical friend. Mark and Rick met in freshmen year of high school and have been friends since.  Throughout his life his parents have put him in at least twenty different clubs and extracurricular activities but he always drops out or quits after around a month or so.  Over the years though he has gotten a fascination with alleged conspiracies the occult.  He plays a wide variety of video games and believes he has a knack for reviewing them. While he is somewhat sporadic and acts rather odd sometimes Mark usually tends to stay positive when the getting’s rough.

User-Centric Scenarios:

  • Bobby: Bobby is a 17-year-old boy who loves to play games on the internet. He goes to flash game sites and play what people have made and has a steam account to play all the latest independent games.  He notices a page on facebook entitled Arcadium. From the looks of the page it looks like there are several pixelated games within it and it piques his interest   From there he finds a link to the Arcadium’s website that will allow him to download the first episode.  As he’s waiting for the download, Bobby’s looking website and realizes that there is a story to go along with the games and the download will contain a short film as well as the game. Bobby watches it and has a grand old time.  
  • John: John is a 28-year-old living in Atlanta.  He has a full time job but in his spare time he plays video games.  He’s been playing video games since he was a child and loved going to the arcade and playing them back then.  John just walked out of a gamestop he was browsing around when he noticed a poster nearby.  The Poster is a picture of a kill screen, a jumbled up mass of pixels when an arcade game runs out of memory.  John recognizes this from his childhood and observes it more closely. Upon further inspection John realizes that there is a QR code within the kill screen.  Excited that he discovered something like this John takes out his smartphone and scans the code. It takes him to a site about a video game reviewer video blog.  John looks at some of the games and none of them look familiar. In fact, the later posts don’t seem to be about video game reviews at all. He takes a look and learns about Mark Tesla’s story. After watching the video blog the site asks him for his email if he wishes to continue the journey. John heartily agrees and receives and email taking him to the site of Arcaidum where Rick can download the first episode. John is ecstatic. 
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