The Welcome Wagon

Welcome to the Development site of Arcadium

What is Arcadium you ask?  Arcadium is a revolutionary project that mixes both film and video games  from the 16-bit and arcade generations. It tells the story of an arrogant boy who gets thrown into a series of video games by the mysterious “Mr. Pixel.”  Will the boy survive? Will he escape? Will he learn of the ways of the games of yore? Only time will tell…

Click on the Staff tab to see the current hired actors, artists and technicians. Click on the Story tab to see how the whole epic will be played out, or click the Games tab to see what games will be available to play.  Check out the Function or Marketing tabs to see what are goals are and how we’re putting this all together.

We also have a prototype trailer available

(Be aware that this trailer is only a sketch and that the actors, camerawork, editing, and music are subject to change.)


If you have any interest in donating to our project or participate in it contact Cameron Christoff:


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